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Episode #17 Christianity and Mental Health (Featuring Author CN Nash)

Hey guys!  We have a TREAT for you!  In this episode, we have our very FIRST interview with Author and Licensed Professional Counselor, CN Nash!  It was a blessing to chat with her over the topic of mental health and to see that Christians are not immune.  In fact, CN Nash makes a point to say that according to 1 Peter 4:12-13, we shouldn't be surprised at any trials that come our way but be glad about it because it makes us partners with Christ!  All three of us openly share about our own struggles with mental health and scriptures and practicals that we are clinging to in the moment.  We pray that this blesses you as much as this blessed us!  Take a listen and don't forget to subscribe (it's free folks!), like, share, and comment!  THANKS!

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