About us

Welcome to the SoulSense Ministries! SoulSense was co-founded by the married duo, Melvin & Kim, in order to create a space where people can learn and grow in their knowledge of God as well as practically apply scripture to their everyday life. The goal of this platform is to have a wealth of resources to help you grow in your spiritual walk!

Melvin & Kim

Melvin & Kim


We are college sweethearts and have been married since October 3, 2009. In 2012, our lives drastically changed as we both decided to make God the head of our family. Though we believed in God up until that point, we were not consistent with our relationships with God. Since then, life does what it does and comes at us fast. From having children, health challenges between us and within our families, and growing careers, life truly is non-stop. The one constant has been God and the truth in His word. It is this consistency that we are chasing after.


I am a Tennesseean, born & breed! I am a Family Nurse Practitioner with an interest in Diabetes Education & Management. I love what I do because it allows me to partake in one of Christ's attributes as a healer. I love serving in this way. Though I was raised in church, it wasn't until I stopped going through the motions of Christianity & sought a personal and committed relationship with Christ that I was able to really experience the freedom in Christ. In my spare time, I enjoy running, reading, shopping, and anything working with my hands!



Our oldest daughter, who is full of spunk! She affectionately goes by FeeFee or Toots! With Toots, the Ellis Wolf Pack grew to three! She enjoys EVERYTHING: singing, reading, playing, being with family, dancing, coloring, school...and the list goes on and on!




I was born in Canton OH and moved to Tennessee at 13. I have had a life of extremes, from living every day in a fog of sin to living everyday for God only to find myself drifting into worldliness again. While out there God found a way to change the course of my mission from self - destruction into finding the woman of my dreams and pulling us both back into his Kingdom. While I am far from perfect, my life stands as an testament to the transformative power of God and his willingness to rescue the worst of us and give us a part in his mission.



The latest addition to the clan affectionately known as Suge. She can be sweet as sugar or cold as Suge Knight LOL! She enjoys eating, playing with big sissy, Farrah, and talking! With Suge, the Ellis Wolf Pack is complete!