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Episode #42 What Does The Bible Say About Gender Roles?

WHAT DOES THE BIBLE SAY ABOUT GENDER ROLES? // Hey Guys! In this episode, we talk about gender roles and how we see it...there's a clear way that society defines it and then there is a clear way that the Bible defines it. We discuss the thoughts and tendencies that we brought into our marriage and how we are training ourselves to follow what the Bible says about the role of the man and woman (particularly in marriage)/ We hope you enjoy our candid conversation and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and ding the notification bell so you don't miss any uploads!


~Ephesians 5:21-30 NLT

~Luke 8:1-3 NLT

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Episode #26 Broken Wings

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  This is the first episode of 2019!  In this conversation, we discuss a number of things.  One of those things being taking our freedom in Christ for granted.  There's a Greek mythology story of Icarus is a great illustration.  We discuss this and parallel this with own lives.  We hope you in enjoy.  Take a listen and don't forget to like and share if you care! :0)

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Episode #21 An Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is the fuel that powers our relationship with God; after discovering his mercy and love for us we embark on a mission to get closer to him.  But let's be honest, life sometimes hits us with things that distract us from God's persistent love and leave us discouraged.  In this episode we not only discuss what we are grateful for, we also open up about some of the things that war against us living a life focused gratitude and what we do/are doing to get back on track.  

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Episode #10 The Career Struggle is Real

In this episode, we discuss the career struggle!  You want to be great at your job but on the other hand, you want to eat tacos all day on your couch...oh is that just me?! OK!  Anywho, tune in as we get real about it!  How do we deny our flesh and work as if we are working unto the Lord?  The struggle is real BUT the desire to be a good ambassador for the Lord is stronger!  Take a listen, like, subscribe, and share...all of that good stuff!!!

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Episode #7 Proverbs 31...Harpo, Who Dis Woman?!?!

Hey guys! This week we are discussing the Proverbs 31 woman.  Can you say #goals?!?!  Seriously, who was this freak of nature? LOL! No, really though...Melvin and I discuss my journey with understanding and applying this passage to my life annnnddd how men can view this passage as well.  I speak in depth about being first introduced to this passage as a new Christian and over time and through wrestling over it, what it means to me today. Again, this is my journey with it and by no means am trying to discredit any other journey...but this was simply mine!  Thanks for listening! 

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