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Hey guys! We just got back from an AWESOME vacation with dear friends of ours & one thing that we are so grateful for are friends that have become family...FRAMILY! Early on in our marriage, we longed for this & God gifted us with a wonderful community of like-minded people. We don’t deserve it & didn’t earn this on our own merit but it’s truly one of the beautiful things about the Kingdom of God...COMMUNITY! God’s definition of the church is not a building but the people! We talk more in detail in the episode. 

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Episode #24 Iron Sharpens Iron

 So in this episode, we discuss spiritual mentors/mentees.  Just like in your career, a mentor is beneficial in any area of your life but it is especially crucial in your spiritual life!  Equally important, as you sit at someone's feet, you should also pour into someone and have someone sitting at YOUR feet.  Call it the circle of whom much is given, much is required...paying it forward.  We hope you enjoy and thank you for listening!

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Episode #11 Thank You For Being A Friend

How are your relationships? What kind of friend would your best friend say you are? In this episode we drew inspiration from a recent sermon; using connection between David and Jonathan as a basis of a conversation on the importance of relationship and what a successful relationship looks like. Of course we share from our own struggles and victories in hopes that it will relate to or encourage one of you.

Bonus: We recap the adventures of the past week with our 5 year old hint... CT scan + sedation = 4 am (AKA GOOD TIMES!!!).


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