So hopefully this quick tip will actually be quick this go around LOL! Let’s talk spiritual mentors…Get you some!

The New Oxford American Dictionary defines mentor as “an experienced & trusted adviser.” So by simple definition, this is a person who has more experience in an area than you and someone who you trust. This person doesn’t have to necessarily be older than you but it is obvious that people who are older than you can bring an experience that you don’t have. This could actually be a person who is just in a different stage of life than you are and can give you perspective from experience.

Now speaking of mentors who are older in age…I have noticed that Millennials are hesitant with leaning into people that are older than us. I believe it brings up past bitter feelings. We think of growing up in church and how some of us might have encountered people with judgmental, divisive, and even hypocritical viewpoints. Let me be the FIRST to say that I have definitely experienced these views. BUT at the end of the day we cannot assume that everyone is like that. Some people actually DO want to help you. Some people actually DO NOT want you to make the same mistakes they made. And some people actually CANNOT wait to share their wisdom with a listening ear. So with that being said, let’s not become the very thing we DISLIKE in others….OK enough of that, so let me step off of my soapbox! :0)

My goal each month is to get with a woman who is older than me and has more life experience. It’s very organic, very unstructured. We just talk…no lesson, no curriculum. We talk about what’s going on in my life and as things come up, she can offer me biblical advice and practicals. These things could range from marriage to career to parenting or just my personal walk with God. Now mind you, I just don’t get with just any woman. It’s not a long list of people. These are women who I have an established relationship with and that I know love me and are willing and eager to invest in me. They have no problem correcting or even rebuking me while simultaneously affirming me. The goal is not to go away discourage…the goal is to go away feeling empowered and rooted in TRUTH. I would say I have about 3 to 4 women that I have a relationship with on a deeper level that depending upon where God is pulling me, I can call any one of them and get time with them. It is not something that is forced and it’s not something that is hard to do. These women are my friends and I truly look to them as spiritual big sisters and some, spiritual mothers.

Also, did you know there are many examples of mentoring relationships: Jethro & Moses, Samuel & Elijah, Jesus & the apostles, Paul & Timothy, plus many more! I recommend you looking up the stories of all of these relationships. They show the different ways mentoring can happens.

So anywho, that’s all I got! I’ll link a previous post I wrote about Your Spiritual Wolfpack and who you should consider when building your community of believers. I am curious…do you have anyone in your life that you can get with on a consistent basis? Have you ever thought about having a spiritual mentor? Drop it below!