Kim’s Bookshelf: March Book Reviews

So here we review again! It was a really busy month! BUT I got it done! Here are my book reviews:

Their Eyes Were Watching God


This was a good book! I would suggest getting the audiobook because the book is written in the dialect of the time & people. It can throw you off if you are not use to that type of speech. Also, Ruby Dee is the narrator of the audiobook & of course she does a phenomenal job! I can really only say that this was a good book not a great. Mind you, this could be due to preference but I did not care so much for the story in general. There were some slow & lengthy parts at the beginning that were really not relevant to the story. I definitely enjoyed the book much better after the story got going. All & all, it’s still a book I would recommend & I do believe it is classic literature.



This book was GREAT! I would suggest this for any one who is striving to be her best self whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom. Every driven woman should read this book. There are a lot of nuggets to gain from this book. Now I read this as an audiobook but, I am actually going to purchase it in the physical form to have in my own personal library so I can read again. The author has had powerful jobs and currently works as one of the bigwigs at Facebook. She goes into detail about her own life and women in the workplace especially in corporate America. It’s a very empowering book because her focus is encouraging women but also encouraging women to empower other women when we get a seat at the table. Again, GREAT book!

Tuesdays with Morrie


I actually stumbled across this book after reading the description of another book by the same author. I misunderstood the description and thought that the book that I initially wanted was a sequel to this book. So, I scurried over and downloaded this book to be able to read my intended book for later. I realized shortly after, it was just the author’s first book. Though by mistake I found this book, I’m glad I did because it was a great inspiring book. It really focuses on you paying attention to what matters in life and really not getting caught up in the rat race of ambition and career. It encourages you to take time to smell the roses, making time for your family and the things that bring you joy. Interestingly, the book is a true story. The author basically is telling the story of his interaction between him and one of his college professors who was terminally ill and eventually passed away. He recorded their conversations over a series of weeks. The book has gone on to be curriculum in college literature courses and really is something like a classic. Morrie is an inspiring individual and his persona pushed me to reflect over where I put my energy.

Overall I would recommend all three books for this month. Also I want to give a tip that I stumbled across when it comes to books and audiobooks. I know a lot of people listen to Audible which has nothing wrong with it, but I’m the type of person that’s particular with what I read and sometimes like to preview a book before I actually commit to the whole book. Translation: I’m cheap! LOL! Because of that I look for a lot of free options, so I can try out some books. I stumbled across a free app called Libby where you can link your library card to local libraries and basically rent online books without even going into the library. They have physical books that you could read on your electronic device and they also have audiobooks. Initially, I will have to say that I was somewhat hesitant toward audiobooks because I really like feeling the pages of books but how my life is set up it’s more convenient to listen to something than actually sitting down and focusing on reading. Also due to my job I drive 100% of my time so it’s really convenient to fill that time in the car with an interesting book. Even when I’m cleaning, audiobooks help pass the time during those mundane tasks. I wanted to let you all know that because this is how I’ve been able to stay up on my reading goal and try a bunch of different books without having to make any purchases. Anywho, that’s all I got…I’ll catch you later and have a good one!