Melvin's OLD SKOOL 40th Birthday Party: How to Encourage Your Husband


So my Hunny Bunny has turned 40 years old and I could not be more grateful for his life!  God has truly blessed this man and he is a walking miracle as far as I'm concerned!  I have named this year, 2019, a Year of Celebration: 1) Melvin’s 40 and 2) Our 10 year Marriage Anniversary.  When I began thinking about how we were going to celebrate Melvin for his birthday, I enlisted a good friend of mine who is an event coordinator, Natasha Celestin (Just4U Wedding Coordinating) and together we planned an Old Skool 80’s & 90’s House Party!  I wanted it to be a surprise because if asked if he wanted a party, he would say NO…but I know him well enough to know that he would be encouraged because a good time for him is good food, good music, and good people…in his home by the way (he loves the comfort of our home). 


Upon him walking through the door, ‘Thuggish Ruggish Bone’ by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony was playing…why you may ask…because Melvin is from Ohio as well as Bone and that's one of his favorite groups!  Décor was graffiti, gold chains, boom boxes, and old retro games.   The candy bar consisted of old school candy like Lemon Heads, Jolly Ranchers, Pop Rocks…you name it! Food included chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, meatballs, chicken and potatoes…GOOD FOOD!  The cake was in the shape of a boom box in Melvin's favorite cake flavor, red velvet and the cake pops, that were little PAC MEN, were the flavors of strawberry and red velvet.  The DJ played old school hip hop and R&B but most of all we danced all night long!  


  1. What will encourage them (not me, but them)?

    •Keep the person at the center of ALL of the planning. It’s not about you or anyone else except them so protect that mindset!

  2. Who are the people who will assist in the end goal?

    •Who will add to the atmosphere of positivity & encouragement? For us, this was family & close friends. The people genuinely & deeply loved Melvin & would do anything for him. That’s who needs to be there!

  3. Is this bringing more stress or satisfaction?

    •At the end of the day, if it’s a stressful situation then no one will have fun. Remember why you are doing this…to celebrate your loved one, not stress yourself &, most importantly, them out!

I am so blessed to have had this man in my life and I am truly grateful for his life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my love! I'll include some of our photos from the night as well as all of the vendors I used!

Event Coordinator: Natasha Celestin (Just4U Weddings)

Photography: Jessica Colligan

Decor: Erica Taylor ( Taylormade4U Crafts)

Catering: Twisted Delights Catering

Sweets Table: Moments with Monique

DJ: DJ Mike

Cake: Kim’s Cake4U