Love Languages!

Many of us are familiar with the Love Languages and since it is February, the month of L.O.V.E., it got me thinking about the love languages and my personal language. For those not familiar with the Five Love Languages, I give you a brief overview below:

  1. Words of Affirmation: in this language, you would like to be built up and encouraged through words. Phrases such as ‘I love you.’ ‘Thank you.’ ‘I appreciate you.’ are beneficial. This is the person that needs to be told positive things to feel loved.

  2. Quality Time: this is the person who likes another’s time. You desire the individual to be present and to have full attention. Actions as going on a date, watching TV together, or a simple conversation helps this person feel loved.

  3. Acts of Service: This person feels loved when an individual serves them. This could be doing household chores or breakfast in bed.

  4. Receiving Gifts: this is pretty self-explanatory…this person feels most loved when someone gives them a gift. Now keep in mind that a gift could be anything.

  5. Physical Touch: This person desires physical touch. This could be holding hands, hugging, cuddling…you name it!

    Now my personal love languages are first QUALITY TIME and second ACTS OF SERVICE! My motto with this is ‘actions speak louder than words.’ My primary language is quality time. For me, I am an intimate person and love spending time with people. I understand how busy people are so if someone carves out time for me, little ole me, then I am grateful and appreciative. I believe people make time for what they want to do so for someone to make time for me, makes me feel like they wanted to be around me which equates to love. I also show love this way. I keep a tight shift with my schedule and to be quite blunt, if I make time for you…I LIKE YOU!! LOL!

    Lastly, my secondary language is ACTS OF SERVICE. This ties into quality time because to serve someone is sacrificial and giving of your time and resources. I don’t take this lightly because no one has to do anything for me nor do I expect them to. I also show love this way because again this takes quality time.

    One more note about how I show love: though I don’t receive love this way, giving words of affirmation is my THANG to give! I believe people don’t hear enough good stuff about themselves and I have a nack for seeing the good in people. Because of this, I try not to let an opportunity go by that I can compliment someone.

    Anywho after all of that, what do you think your love language is? Drop it in the comments below!👇🏾