Kim's Book Shelf: February books

February was a unique month for reading. 1) I listened to a couple of audio books and though I prefer the physical book, for my job I’m in my car a lot so it’s easy to fill that time with a book. And actually that is a good tip if you want to read more but you don’t feel like you have the time to actually sit down and read…get into audio books. Not only do I listen to them while I drive, I listen to them while I shower, cook, exercise…you name it! 2) One of the audio books I was listening to took me an extra amount of time to get through. It was a short audio book but I could not get into the voice of the narrator which happened to be the author. More on that later. 3) I have a dear friend of mine that’s an author and she asked me to preview her book for edits. At the time, I am not able to share any details of the book with the public but it did go to the top of the list of reads because of her editing timeline. But trust me, when I am able to share this book, I will because it is awesome and it is not even completed!

In the coming months though, I should be finishing a lot of books because I’ve learned that I like to start a lot of books at once so I have a ton of unfinished books in various stages LOL! But anywho, enough of that…here are my books for February:


The Woman in the Window

I read this book as an audiobook and let me tell you…a great book and I would actually suggest that you have it as an audiobook. The narrator does a fabulous job with painting the picture for you. She really brings the author’s words to life and there were many times where I was clutching my pearls. NO LIE! I really like thrillers…fictional thrillers actually. This book has many twist & turns so if that’s your thang then you would love this book!


Lord of the Flies

This was another audiobook and I will have to admit this was a rather short book but it took me FOREVER to get through it because the author who narratored it had such a dry and monotonous voice. I found myself really distracted at times and to be honest I think that I should’ve read the physical book….I think that would’ve made it a lot better. I really had to push myself to finish this one and the push came from me committing to reading 2 books a month…but it was a tough go. Anywho, I prevailed so all’s well that ends well. I’ll be honest…I was shocked by this book. I expected it to be good. I wanted it to be good because the movie was good. Don’t you expect books that were adapted into movies to be good? WRONG! Maybe it’s just me but it was hard to follow & there was a lot of time spent on details that I didn’t think were relevant. At the end of it, the author had a short commentary & he spoke about how he wanted to show that without laws/rules, we are savages. I get that part but I believe he could’ve hammered out that point better. I don’t know…this book could just not be my cup of tea.

Anywho, that’s all I got! What y’all reading this month?! Name drop below!