Bible Study Tool: S.O.A.P. Method with a REMIX!

“Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path.”

Psalm 119:105

Hey guys! Y’all know me…I love reading God’s word! But let’s be honest…that wasn’t always the case AND I had to figure out how to go about it. As a new believer who is eager to read the bible, you may have many questions. ‘Where do I start?’ ‘What do I read?’ ‘How much do I read?’ All of this is valid! There are many study tools & websites out there that can assist but even that can become daunting and overwhelming. Can we say information overload?!? Well, I would like to help in sorting through it all. Below, I have put together a study guide that you can use for daily use. There is a method called the S.O.A.P. method that is widely used but I have remixed it! In this document, I have provided 2 ways to implement the  S.O.A.P. method into your own personal Bible study.  The two aids included serve as a more focused and reflective bible study.  The first S.O.A.P. aid is the commonly used bible study format more appropriate for daily Bible study.  This aid could be used for one scripture or a passage of scripture.  The second S.O.A.P. aid is a spiritual twist on the assessment note used by many medical professionals, myself included. As this is used to effectively assess and diagnose the physical status of the patient, use this aid to effectively assess and diagnose your spiritual status.  This aid is appropriate for a deeper look at any character issue that you are seeking to change in your personality.  Find yourself struggling with anger? Use this! What about impatience? Use this! Anything that you would like to improve in your character, this study tool will help you. The tools are to simply serve as a focused guide as you dig deeper in God’s Word.  Click the LINK HERE to access this FREE study tool! My prayer is that you grow in your relationship with God through growing in your knowledge of the Bible.